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Welcome to Grace Bible Church
of Auburn, California!


Christ is ALL Blog Series!

Has being a Christian turned out to be everything you’d thought and hoped it would be? 

Did you come to Christianity hoping God would change you?
Help you eliminate sinful, painful, stressful, sins in your life?

Help you fix your marriage? 
Help you fix your parenting so it would be a joy and your children would be blessings?

Did you imagine joyful, peaceful days ahead?
Where guilt or anxiety or worry or anger or sadness or fear or lack-of-control or hate or bitterness or whatever would melt away?
Has that happened?  At all?

Are you really any closer to that today than when your Christian life started?

Have you bounced around from church-to-church and found yourself at-first excited and motivated but later bored and unchanged?

Have you found books that sent your soaring in hope and joy, but alas, ultimately, the bliss faded and you remained unchanged?

Are you still a slave to all those problems?

Does Christianity really work for anybody?

Join Pastor Bill on a Journey of Christ-centered Christianity!


Jesus Christ?  

Why do I need Him?

If you have come to the point where you want to know more about Jesus Christ and why each one of us at Grace Bible have accepted His free gift of eternal life, you need to read and study this... The Gospel of Jesus Christ   Please contact us for further information, to answer questions, or to help you in any way with understanding your need for Jesus Christ!

So, Where do we meet?

We are meeting on Sunday evenings at a local residence until we find a suitable building for our Sunday service.  We start at 6pm and finish by 7:30 and would love to have you join us.    Please call us at 878-3813 for location and directions!


Grace.  Because it's all about grace.  Grace shown by God sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to the cross for our sin.  Grace shown to each of us when He saved us. Grace shown daily as we stand in grace, permanently secure in our salvation. Grace brought at the revelation of Jesus Christ when He comes to take His church home. Past, present, and future - grace upon grace!
Bible.  Because it's all about the Word of God, the Bible.  The Word that was with God. The Word was God.   The Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. The living and enduring Word through which we have been born again.  The Word is truth and we are made like Him through His Word. 
  Church.  Because it's all the New Testament teaches about the organization of the body of Christ.  The church began at Pentecost. The Church is where the Holy Spirit places every believer at salvation.  The Church is led by biblically qualified elders and works like the human body - with each part carrying out its work in unity with every other part of the body.  The Church will function until Christ returns to take it to heaven and presents His church back, in full glory, to God the Father.


Last Sunday's Expository

The Lordship of Jesus Christ
Col 1:15-23
Part 3



Preaching Notes:




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